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You’re graduating? Let’s make it even more special.

Once upon a time, kente — the rich, high quality fabric with origins in Ghana, West Africa — was reserved for only kings and queens. Well if you’ve accomplished the admirable task of graduating college, you deserve to be treated like royalty!

Get free shipping on orders of 10+ stoles. We know you’ve got friends!

Groups we are a part of, friends we make, organizations we serve — these are the things that make college memorable. We encourage group orders because we believe in unity and in celebrating the bonds of association with your friends.

Oprah Winfrey wearing House of Stole!

Don’t wait till after graduation to impact the world. Do it now.

Our weavers depend heavily on weaving your stoles to live. Every time you order a stole, you help create more employment and impact more families directly.

Our Work

  • Customized Handwoven Kente Stoles At Columbia University Graduation
    Customized Handwoven Kente Stoles At Columbia University Graduation
  • Multicolored stole made from kente
    2013 Swarthmore College Intercultural Group Member Wearing Our handwoven Stole
  • Oprah wearing kente stole at Harvard graduation
    Oprah Wearing Our Hand Woven Kente Stole At Harvard Graduation
  • Handwoven kente stoles made in Ghana MHC ladies
    Mount Holyoke College Handwoven Stoles for 2015 Graduation
  • White kente stoles
    University of Albany Class of 2016 Graduation
  • Kente stoles at Swarthmore College graduation
    House of Stole At Swarthmore Class of 2014 Graduation
  • Handwoven kente sash for Swarthmore College Graduate
    House of Stole Adding Beauty to Graduations
  • Handwoven kente stoles for MHC 2016 graduates
    Mount Holyoke College Class of 2016
  • Kappa Alpha Theta Graduate wearing handwoven kente stole
    Kappa Alpha Theta Stoles
  • Customized kente stoles for sorority
    2015 Swarthmore College Commencement
  • Kente stoles for Theta Greek group
    Kappa Alpha Theta Stoles 2015
  • Al Gore with graduate in handwoven kente stole
    House of Stole And Al Gore At Union Theological Seminary 2015
  • Customized Handwoven Kente Stole
    House of Stole Kente
  • Customized handwoven kente stole
    Union Theological Seminary Graduation 2015
  • Blue Kente Stole
    Mount Holyoke College Class of 2015 Graduate
  • Handwoven kente stoles for swarthmore
    Swarthmore Class of 2014 Graduation

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  • Our stoles are handwoven in Ghana & shipped via DHL Express
  • Get free International Shipping for orders of 10 or more stoles
  • $29.99 International Shipping for orders of fewer than 10 stoles
  • We advise placing orders at least three weeks in advance of when they’re needed
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